Strandlines – KCL

Lives on the Strand: past, present and creative

Strandlines Digital Community explores one of London’s most famous streets, the Strand, and its past and present communities. This site is an archive from which experiences, memories and reflections about the local area can be retrieved; a gallery where photographs, drawings and films can be viewed. But it is also a place where residents, workers and visitors can engage with one another by sharing stories and images. See the website here.

Cabinet of Artists

Strandlines presents the Cabinet of Artists! This dynamic and creative group – three visual artists, two writers, and one musician – have been working on individual Strand-inspired projects. All six artists presented on-going work at the Strand Lives Day on 8th May this year. To view the full programme click here. Cabinet of Artist projects for 2011-12 have been generously funded by LCACE.


Jane Wildgoose, Julie McKee, Luce Choules, Lucy Steggals, Matilda Leyser and Ruth O’Callaghan.
For more information on each project see here.


For more information about artists working at King’s College London click here.